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Are you tired of waking up and having a closet full of nothing to wear?

Would you love to look great in anything you put your hand on?

Do you want to relieve the stress?

Want to remove the guessing game?

Do you want to have the confidence that is inside to be brought outwardly?

Then look no further , LaPaz Image/Event Consultants is here to take you from stressed to relaxed and confident!

Our focus is on providing high quality services and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations and bring your ideas, dreams and style to life!! LaPaz Image/Event Consultants, is a full service agency offering you a variety of services. Please have a look around our Fabulous site, review the services that we offer and if you have any questions please feel free to simply submit a customer contact form; and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours, or simply give a call at (215) 821-2414.

Thank you for visiting LaPaz Image/Event Consultants, and we look forward to working with you!!

LaPaz Image/Event Consultants

Where Everything is Fabulous!

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E. Roosevelt Boulevard

(215) 821-2414

Image Consulting

Our dedicated Certified Image Consultants, are dedicated to helping our clients build wardrobes from the inside out as well as helping you to identify your unique Signature style.

Lifestyle Coaching

Life has a funny way of throwing ten thousand things at us but, it's easy to become overwhelmed and off balance. Allow us to help you strike that perfect balance between life, work, career and whatever else comes your way.

Staging and Event Planning

Who doesn't LOVE a Fabulous party? Lapazimageing Consultants are true experts in planning/staging the most exquisite  events and homes ! There is no event or home too large or too small for us to handle!